Professional Grade Home Theatre Screen Cleaning Solution

Trying to keep your expensive home theatre screen factory fresh?


Why would you use non-professional off-the-shelf general purpose cleaning solutions when you can clean your screens with the same solution used by professional movie theatre screen cleaners?


 professionals have been using our solution and process to clean movie screens for every major theatre exhibitor in the U.S for over 14 years. We’ve cleaned over 50,000 U.S. theatre screens. Talk about know-how and experience!


Now after studying the maze of improper screen cleaning products being sold, we decided it was time to bring help to you the consumer in the form of a home theatre screen cleaning kit derived from our professional solvents and methods.


Consisting of all of the necessary screen cleaning application tools, including our professional grade screen cleaning and rinse solutions, our kit and its contents are easily applied to typical home theatre screens. Equally important to success, included is a step-by-step description of our professional screen cleaning procedures.


 kit will enable you to clean your home theatre screen our recommended 4 times per year. Screen cleaning and rinse solution refills are also available.


To order your professional-grade home theatre screen cleaning kit, click here to Select Kit.


Don’t hesitate. Protect your screens NOW from the damage caused by incorrect screen cleaning with professional solution and process!




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